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5/01/10 More Than Just Art

For me, walking art fairs invariably invovles a lot of judging.  Where does a specific work of art fit in context, or in style, or in the progression of art history? How well does the artist reveal her or himself? Is this an honest or contrived expression? And so on.

I don't know what I was expecting when I went to the 8th floor of the Mart to cruise the
International Antiques Fair. I thought it was marvelous.  Total eye candy.  All kinds of things I know little to nothing about. Beautiful Americana, old flags and historical documents. Glorious old paintings; Monet to Rockwell. Old large posters. Lots of copper.  Even more silver. Jewelry, lots of jewelry. And handbags.  Really seductive.

I have no idea if the prices were high or low, if the merchandise was great or just damned good. I do know that the show has been vetted, which means that a committee has walked around and removed anything of questionable authenticity.

Check out some images. It was fun!

A glorious trip through all kinds of history - all top notch.  I didn't even consider prices.  I just marveled at the beauty and the fusillade of intersecting contexts.

If you have admission to one fair you have admission to all. A treat.

Thank you,
Paul Klein