Art Letter

11/19/2010 Text Matters
Deb Sokolow's work at Western Exhibitions reminds me of reading comics as a kid.  There's a pulpy quality to her narrative pieces.  A story is revealed or dissected.  The drawing is direct; the feeling sincere.  But the sincerity is lovingly undermined by the text itself.  Random segments of random chapters from non-existent books.  Yet a dialog is maintained.  This is good,  fun, accessible, yet complicated art.

Tony Fitzpatrick is The Master.  He is ahead of us all.  He senses the pulse and rides its crest ahead of us.  Tonight, Tony Fitzpatrick and his 'art' partner Stan Klein, reveal Firecat Projects, that just last month was Fitzpatrick's studio.  But as long as he has been sitting like a callgirl in the window, the time came for him to go private and focus on his images.  Already, the new art is even stronger, clearer and more poignant.  And where there was as studio there is a elegant, sparkling clean, new gallery, with its first offering Fitzpatrick's powerful collages.  Subsequent shows will present artists who Fitzpatrick feels are under-seen.  The gallery will not take a percentage of sales and will benefit from the sale of posters and books. Like few others, Fitzpatrick leads.



I know Ken Fandell.  I've worked with him. I've read what the press says about him and listened to his dealers talk about him.  And I'm not sure I buy all this theory that goes into his work, that there's some balance between the cosmos and the mundane, or I suppose in this case, the cosmos and the sidewalk, as demonstrated in the "persona" of the banana, in a show opening tonight at Tony Wight.  I think Fandell may humor himself with this esoterica, but that his real endeavor is making pretty pictures.  He succeeds.

Thank you,