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Art Work Ethic

After the cacophony of last week's season opening exhibitions across the city of Chicago, there are three impressive, divergent openings tonight.  Jacob Hashimoto, and all the artists in this ArtLetter, went to school in Chicago and were clearly imbued with the work ethic that distinguishes our artists from those elsewhere.  Hashimoto's work is on view at Rhona Hoffman.   Impressive vision and execution.  Gorgeous work.

Hashimoto _486_2.JPG

Hashimoto _486_3.JPG

Hashimoto _486_5.JPG

Laura Letinsky is beautifully pushing the photographic image forward.  Known for her photos of the detritus left behind at dinner parties, her new work looks familiar, but is executed altogether differently. In her show at Valerie Carberry, she's combined flat elements pulled from magazines or of her own creation and composed them alongside real objects, yielding an image which at first glance looks 'true,' but beckons closer examination and engagement.

LL 126sm.JPG

LL 126sm detail.jpg

LL shad iuygfe.jpg

In some ways Rory Coyne is more 'classic.'  He is in his painting technique and his knowledge of mythology.  But in his show at FM Gallery, there is more on view.  This is seductive work, with layered meanings.  His model is his fiancĂ©e.  They are both open and honest, and the passion and emotion Coyne brings to his muse and art are lusciously more complex. 





Thanks very much,

Paul Klein