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Art Letter (4/29/10)

Like watching a flower bloom, observing ArtChicago and NEXT evolve reveals the layers of complexity and vision the exhibiting dealers have. 

It’s informative and revealing to comprehend the attention all dealers give the installations in their booths.  Even if we don’t think the work they’re presenting merits our attention the galleries have spent hours and dollars on their presentation.

That said, look at this batch of images.  Compare them to yesterday.  In some instances you can see where a crate has been replaced by a gorgeous work of art. In others you can see whole and beautiful installations that have seemingly blossomed overnight.

There are two areas of the two shows that I found particularly worth basking in. On the 12th floor, Mark Borghi Gallery intimate work by Guston, de Kooning, Mitchell, Ruscha, Avery, Francis and more.  At the ‘younger’ and differently energized NEXT, on the 7th floor, the whole Southwest section, where the booths butt up against the windows, is more exciting and innovative than anything else in the building. 

Obviously taste is personal. And there’s plenty to intrigue or seduce anyone. Have a look:

Let me repeat what I said yesterday; the shows look really good, are filled with a broad array of art, taste, media, aesthetics and quality.  Overall the show far surpasses justifiable expectations.  Kudos go particularly to Director Tony Karman (the man in the suit in the photos above) and the the dealers and artists who stepped up!

Thank you!
Paul Klein